Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews

ePA Members receive one FREE mock interview session annually. These mock interviews are conducted one-on-one by experienced executives trained in hiring for eCommerce teams.


Why should you attend a mock interviewing session?

Practice makes perfect: Interviewing is a skill and just like any skill it needs to be developed. The more you practice answering interview questions, the more prepared you’ll be during your live interview.

Reduce your stress level: Interviewing can be stressful. Mock interviews make you more comfortable and confident during your live interview.

Receive critical feedback: Our mock interviewers will provide you with the feedback you need to ensure your interview is a success. They’ll evaluate you and offer advice on both communication-style and answer quality.

FREE 30-Minute Mock Interview Session

Members receive one complimentary 30-minute mock interview session by phone or video chat. Book your session today!