ePA Mentorship Program

The ePA Mentorship Program is dedicated to supporting the careers of eCommerce professionals by helping them create meaningful connections and build skills that foster success. ePA Mentors are committed to supporting the growth and development of other eCommerce professional mentees through:

  • Leadership development. Help expand the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles within organizations.
  • Inspiration and motivation. Mentors listen with patience, inspire and challenge, support and cheerlead.
  • Talent cultivation. Recognize and nurture the innate ability of mentees, and help draw out their potential.
  • Emotional Support. Bolster mentee’s confidence by pointing out their strengths and abilities and encourage the mentee to think out of the box and think big!
  • Role Modeling. Discuss approaches or techniques that may stand out as examples of best practices to be emulated.


  • Am I allowed to meet my mentor/mentee face-to-face? Absolutely! If time and location allows and you’d prefer to meet this way, feel free to set up a face-to-face meeting.
  • What is the time commitment? It’s up to you to define the relationship. There are no requirements as to how many times you communicate with your mentor or mentee each month.
  • Do I have to track or report anything back to ePA? No. But, we will ask you to fill out an optional quarterly survey so that we know if people are enjoying the mentoring program and we can keep evolving it to work for everyone.
  • Do Mentees need to be students or entry-level eCommerce professionals? Not at all! Mentees can be eCommerce professionals at any career stage.
  • Is it possible to have multiple mentors? Yes, you may not be able to get everything you need from one person and we’d be happy to set you up with multiple mentors.

How do I get involved?

  1. You must have an active ePA membership (sign up here).
  2. Complete the Mentor/Mentee Questionnaire.
  3. Based on the information you provide, we will pair you with a Mentor/Mentee.
  4. We will introduce you to your Mentor/Mentee and you form the relationship from there!